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Residence Hall Access

Virginia Tech residence halls use a 24-hour electronic card access system, allowing only residents and their escorted guests to enter. Your Hokie Passport will only grant you access to your own residence hall and assigned room. Any suspected unauthorized entry should be reported to hall staff or the Virginia Tech Police Department.

Your Keys

Your Hokie Passport is your key to your building and room. You should report a lost ID card immediately to Hokie Passport in order to receive a new card. 

To access your residence hall, swipe your Hokie Passport at an exterior swipe reader. To access your room, hold your Hokie Passport up to the keypad above the door handle. When the lights flash green and red, enter your four-digit PIN, which will be emailed to your VT email prior to your arrival. Upon successful entry of your PIN, the door will unlock. You can set your own PIN once you arrive to campus through the laundry portal.

Theft Prevention

According to Virginia Tech Police, almost all thefts in the residence halls occur because a door was left unlocked. To keep you and your things safe, always remember to lock your door, even if you only leave for a moment. You should always carry your Hokie Passport when you leave your room.

Locked Out?

If you become locked out of your room during business hours, please visit the Housing Services Desk in New Hall West to receive a temporary access card. Temporary cards must be returned to the Housing Services desk within 24 hours, or students may be billed for their replacement. After hours, please contact the Student Leader on Duty for your residence hall. Student Leaders have access to master keys (staff members will only unlock the room to which you are assigned) and can assist in issuing temporary cards. 

Please note that housekeeping and maintenance staff members are not permitted to let residents into their rooms.

Mobile ID 

This is an application that allows you to use your phone to access your residence hall room door in case your ID is lost (make sure to report your lost ID to Hokie Passport!)

[Mobile ID Application Instructions]