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HokieServ Work Orders

For most maintenance or housekeeping needs, residents should submit a work order to the HokieServ website. Student Leaders (SLs) are generally responsible for reporting work order requests in common areas, such as the hallway, bathroom, or lounge, while students will enter work order requests for their individual room.

Emergency Situations

During emergencies, you need to contact your Student Leader or other Housing Services Staff immediately. Then, proceed to fill out a work order. Emergencies include, but are not limited to:

  • Running water: overflowing onto the floor, not a stopped-up sink 
  • Electrical problems: sparks, loss of all room lighting/power
  • Safety issues affecting life or property: broken glass in the hall, body spills, inability to secure door/locks

You may also contact the Student Affairs Facilities Help Desk at 540-231-1111, or, if necessary, the Virginia Tech Police Dispatch at 540-382-4343.

When you are submitting your work order, be sure to log in with your Virginia Tech authentication. You will be able to communicate back and forth with technicians using a chat-style feature.

Remember, your room number is 4 digits (such as 0123 or 0B23 for basement rooms). Try to match your work order type with the closest menu item and explain your issue as fully as possible in the comments section. If you are not sure which category your work order falls into, type keywords into the search bar on the top and a category will be suggested for you.