Virginia Tech® home


Virginia Tech has a variety of lodging options for you to choose from!

We offer traditional-style rooms, suite-style rooms, and hotel-style rooms. All rooms feature extra-long twin mattresses except for Donaldson Brown, which has full size beds. Building availability is subject to change based on construction and renovation schedules.

Our traditional-style rooms are the most common type of buildings on campus. These buildings are non-air conditioned. Each floor will have a central restroom and will be separated by gender, though there is a sink and vanity in all rooms. Beds in these rooms are all lofted. For a fee, arrangements can be made to have the beds delofted for your guests.

Traditional-style buildings include:

Virginia Tech also has suite-style rooms available for conference/camp guests. These buildings are all air conditioned. Suites are set up two different ways. Most suites have two or three bedrooms that sleep two people that surround a living area and bathroom. All suites have furniture in the living area. The other style of suites features two rooms each that are connected by the bathroom and each room will have a sink and vanity inside.

Suite-style buildings include:

The newest type of residence halls on campus are our hotel-style buildings. These buildings feature private bathrooms, central air conditioning, and carpeted floors. These buildings are set up in two different styles. First, rooms are set up as singles with a full size bed, desk and chair, and a dresser or armoire. The second style has two twin-XL size beds with desks and chairs and closets built into the wall.

Hotel style buildings include: