This page is dedicated to providing "What you need to know for your on-campus student" in the near future and is part of the Parents and Families Newsletter.  

August 2017

Hokie Helpers

We're looking for volunteers to help move-in our 9,600 on-campus residents.  Hokie Helpers represent the Virginia Tech community of students, faculty, and staff who volunteer their time to help on move-in days, when more than 9,000 students will move in to the campus residence halls.

Hokie Helpers' smiles, muscles, and goodwill set the stage for a successful and reduced stress move-in.  Volunteers help empty vehicles, move items from the street to the rooms, provide information, and welcome new students and families to Move-in 2017!   

As your student moves into the residence halls, look for volunteers in blue t-shirts! For more information, go to

Off-campus Dining Plans

Our dining offerings are amazing. On-campus and off-campus students are eligible for a dining plan.   About 23,000 students engage in some sort of dining plan each year. On-campus students automatically sign up for a dining plan when completing their housing contract. For more information about the available dining plans, go to

To add a dining plan as an off-campus student:

  • Go to the StarRez Portal at and log in with your PID/password and 2-factor identification.
  • Select "Housing and Dining Contracts" from the tabs along the top of the page.
  • Select "Off-campus Dining Plan (Fall)"
  • Follow on-screen directions to add your plan. 

Move-in 2017

Students will start moving into residence halls soon! Please check out the Important Dates and Events
 page for the move-in timeline. Families should check their university account for housing and dining charges and compare them to the Room and Dining Rates page. Most students have received a default housing charge on their account until their assignment is complete. For general information about Move-in, check out the Move-in Information page.