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Move-In & Move-Out

Updated on Thursday, January 7, 2021.


Spring 2021 move-in will be very similar to the Fall 2020 move-in process!

Move-in timeslots will take place from January 16-24. Students should check their VT email account for the an email titled "Virginia Tech Housing Assignment Notice." This will list their room number, move-in timeslot, and COVID-19 testing appointment. Students returning to housing will have 30 minutes to move back into their space. Students who are new to housing will have two hours to move in. Students will not have access to their residence hall room until their timeslot.

All students are permitted 2 guests to assist with the move-in process. Masks must be worn at all times. At the conclusion of the timeslot, all guests must depart the residence halls. Unlike the Fall, students are not required to have parking passes or wristbands for during their move.


Which residence hall will you be moving into? The following links will give you step-by-step instructions for moving into your residence hall!

You can also download the full campus move-in map, or view the online interactive version! Not sure which residence hall room you're assigned to? Visit the FAQs towards the bottom of this page for instructions on how to check your room assignment.


Coming to Virginia Tech for the first time in Spring of 2021? Set yourself up for success by bringing what you need to start the year off right! Watch our What to Bring to Campus video below, or download our packing list.

Planning on sending packages to campus? Follow the instructions here for pick up!


You can read about our COVID-19 relocation protocol here.


You can read about our COVID-19 relocation protocol here.


Ensuring your health & safety is our top priority. Here are some of the measures we're taking:

  • Identifying isolation spaces.

We have taken some of our residence hall spaces offline to function as isolation spaces for students infected with COVID-19 or at-risk of infection.

  • Increasing cleaning efforts.

  • We are cleaning restrooms and high touch point areas such as elevator buttons, water fountains, and door handles at an increased frequency.
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been placed near most common spaces and elevators.
  • Should a student become ill with COVID-19, a full decontamination protocol will be enacted.
  • Clarifying student expectations.

Students will be responsible for complying with University policies around public health as described in the Health and Wellbeing Commitment. Failure to comply may render the student unable to participate in residence hall activities and/or  may  result in a referral to Student Conduct. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Physical distancing 
  • Compliance with isolation protocols 
  • Use of personal protective equipment, including face coverings
  • Communication with  Schiffert Health Center around testing and symptoms
  • Adjusting programming opportunities.

Providing opportunities for students to get to know each other and build community is one of our highest priorities. We are offering opportunities for students to interact and engage with one another that remain consistent with public health recommendations. 

  • Evaluating common space usage.

  • Furniture in common spaces has been configured to ensure appropriate social distancing.
  • Signage has been placed to indicate maximum occupancy.
  • Cleaning efforts have been increased.
  • Training staff.

All Housing and Residence Life Staff has been trained on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 as well as all safety protocols.


All students and guests will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the move-in process. We ask that you bring your own mask; however, we will have a limited number available for individuals who forget.

We recommend you bring three cloth masks, a thermometer, hand sanitizer, and an emergency health kit with you to campus. We will also be placing hand sanitizer throughout all buildings, prioritizing high traffic locations such as entrances, elevator lobbies, and outside of stairwells.


You can read about the university's testing protocol on the site.


A number of students are assigned to West Ambler Johnston, East Ambler Johnston, and O'Shaughnessy Hall who are not part of the Residential College program. The program space was not filled so the remaining space was allocated to other students. You will be able to participate in the various activities and programs happening in that community as you wish.


No, residence hall rooms do not have landline telephones installed. With the ubiquity of cell phones, most students no longer expect traditional telephone service to be provided as part of their bundled amenity package.

However, emergency phones are installed on each residence hall floor! These phones are blue boxes located either close to an elevator or at a centralized location on each floor of the building and connect directly to the Virginia Tech Police Department. They operate by a simple, push-button interface and are similar to the emergency blue-light phones located around the campus. Resident Advisors (RA) and live-in staff will still have access to conventional telephone service.


Yes! The university's Network Infrastructure & Services unit upgraded the cable system for campus to include more channels and to change from analog to digital signal and more HD channels. If you have a recently purchased television, it is probably already ready for the new digital and HD channels that will be coming to campus (most HD and digital TVs produced in the last 5 - 6 years are compatible). If you are not sure, check your TV for QAM tuner capability. QAM tuners are also available at electronics stores as separate units. See the NI&S website for set-up information and channel listings.


All package pickups will take place at the new Virginia Tech Package PickUPP Program intelligent lockers, Owens Hall, and the Graduate Life Center! Click here to learn more.


You can read about Dining Services' Spring plan here.


Housing and dining rates for 2020-2021 are published on our rates page. Students who are in suite- or private bath-style building as these buildings have a higher rate than the default billing of the semester and your rate may have changed since the default billing notice was sent. (for example: Peddrew-Yates, Harper, Lee, Payne, New Residence East, New Hall West, Donaldson Brown/GLC, the Residential Colleges at Ambler Johnston or Cochrane Halls), Campbell Main/Newman Halls, Lee Hall, Pearson Hall, or to the Oak Lane area. We reserve the right to update/fix any incorrect billing for the semester.


Standard rooms will have a single, wired Ethernet connection. If you are planning on connecting more than one wired device in the room, please consider an Ethernet hub as specified on the the residential network upgrade site.

Will all my devices work with the network? The university’s Wi-Fi network uses a type of security called WPA2 Enterprise. Check to see if your SmartTV, game console, etc. is compatible with WPA2 Enterprise. This is required to connect to the wireless network.

SmartTVs or game consoles that don’t support WPA2 Enterprise can still reach the Internet if they have a built-in Ethernet plug or you have an Ethernet adapter to connect to the wired Ethernet connection in your room. An Ethernet switch will allow you to plug multiple devices into the Ethernet connection in your room.

Can I wirelessly connect my printer? Your printer’s wireless connection is likely to cause interference with your and others’ use of residence hall Wi-Fi services. It’s best to use a USB cable to connect your printer.

Can I connect my own wireless router? No. Students are not permitted to connect personal wireless routers to the Virginia Tech network in buildings with Virginia Tech wireless service.

For additional information about registering your device using the MAC address to get your devices such as gaming consoles and other devices that cannot use the eduroam service (your phones, iPads, tablets & laptops should use the eduroam wireless network SSID for connectivity as a student) on the wireless network please visit the Network Infrastructure and Services / Communication Network Services website.


Visit for the most up-to-date information.


If you have not already done so, please review the rules and regulations in the Student Code of Conduct. You also must abide by the Housing & Residence Life Policies.


Yes! Students will be responsible for complying with University policies around public health as described in the Health and Wellbeing Commitment, including mask wearing. Failure to comply may render the student unable to participate in residence hall activities, a referral to Student Conduct, and in extreme cases, revocation of their housing contract. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Physical distancing
  • Compliance with isolation protocols
  • Use of personal protective equipment, including face coverings
  • Communication with  Schiffert Health Center around testing and symptoms


As much as possible, we ask that families leave campus at the conclusion of their timeslot. If non-student guests absolutely have to stay on campus, they must move their car to one of our Long-Term Parking Lots (marked by LT on our move-in map) at the end of the timeslot to allow space for other students to move in. Please note that they are welcome to go downtown or visit the academic side of campus, but must remain out of the residence halls.


Students who are members of the Corps of Cadets, Oak Lane Community, Resident Advisor staff, athletic teams, or Living-Learning Programs (LLPs) may be reassigned according to the needs of those programs.


Whenever possible, we ask that families only bring one car. However, you are allowed to bring two cars if you need the space!

If you bring two cars, you will need to park your secondary vehicle in Long-Term Parking (marked on our move-in map) while you unload the primary vehicle, and then switch the primary vehicle to Long-Term Parking when it has been fully unloaded. Make sure you don't park both cars in the unloading area at the same time!


All resident rooms, with the exception of single-occupancy rooms in the Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown, have university-provided, loftable furniture. Students will use a "loft kit" to raise their bed to the higher setting. Most rooms already have 2 loft kits in the room.

If an additional loft kit is needed, students should either request a kit from the RA staff or, if during the semester, submit a work order to have the kit delivered. Loft kits are limited so turn in your request promptly.

Our special projects team may deliver kits to the student room and leave written installation instructions. If students want the team to install the kit, then the RA should note that request on the work order and provide a phone number so that the team can schedule a time with the student directly.

Please Note:

  • Slusher Wing and Tower have one bed lofted and one bed unlofted; the second bed cannot be lofted.
  • Bed configurations in the Corps of Cadets residential areas must follow the directions of the Corps regulations and staff.
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Yes! Consider renting from one of our RHF vendors! You can learn more about what we offer here.


Roommates are considered a family unit. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, family units will not be altered, unless approved by university officials. Therefore, Housing and Residence Life will not offer a formal room change process for Spring 2020. Roommate changes may be requested on a case-by-case basis, and will adhere to prevailing public health guidance.


  • A handcart or dolly can be nice to bring.
  • Prepare yourself for a lot of walking and climbing stairs. Many 3- to 4-floor residence halls do not have elevators. Be prepared for summer weather!
  • Plan to send home or dispose of packing boxes, crates, or other moving supplies. Storage for such items is minimal. We do provide several cardboard recycling stations near the dumpsters marked on the move-in map.
  • Ask questions! Staff members will be available throughout campus.


Remember, you'll need your PIN number to open the door. First, tap/wave your card in front of the keypad (the top of the pad tends to be most effective). It will blink red-green red-green. Then, enter your PIN number, and the door will unlock!


To access your housing assignment:

  • Visit the StarRez Portal and log in using your VT Username (PID) and password and 2-factor identification.
  • Select “Housing and Dining Contracts”
  • Select “View Room Assignment” tab.
  • You will see your housing assignment, roommate information, and arrival information.


Students will be permitted to bring no more than two additional people to assist them with the move in process. These two individuals should be limited to those needed to assist with the moving of items. Unfortunately, “spectators,” such as young siblings are not permitted.


Most students will be mailed their Hokie Passport prior to move-in. Make sure to bring it with you to campus for move-in, and don't lose it! Your Hokie Passport will allow you to access your room, as well as dining, recreation facilities, and more.

If you do not have your Hokie Passport you will need to pick up your ID at the Student Services building, marked green on the move-in map.


Set yourself up for success by bringing what you need to start the year off right! Watch our What to Bring to Campus video, or download our packing list!


Where you park depends on which residence hall you are moving into. Either consult the move-in map, or click on the link to your residence hall further up on this website for individualized instructions.

At the end of your timeslot, if you absolutely have to stay on campus, you must move your vehicle to one of the Long-Term Parking locations indicated on the move-in map.

Please note that you are not permitted to park in service or handicapped parking spaces, on grassy areas, or on the sidewalks.


Hokie Helpers assist with our Fall move-in process, and are not available during the Spring move-in process.