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Dining for Guests

Treating a prospective student or employee to a meal? Hosting a special group on campus? Celebrating a special staff occasion? Eating on campus is easy for departments, businesses, and student organizations at Virginia Tech.

Avoid the hassle of having to carry cash and the confusion of reimbursements-opt for an individual guest-dining card or a departmental charge card instead. Use a guest-dining card to purchase meals at any of our on-campus dining facilities. This offer is designed to suit businesses and departments who want to give their guests the option of eating on campus, but need a simple and more convenient method of payment.

Paying is easy!

Payment options are designed to fit your department's needs. Billing for guest dining is based on meals or dollar amounts accumulated once your visit is complete. We can bill off-campus organizations, foundation accounts, or internal departments and payment can be set up on a per-use or per-semester schedule.

Who can request a guest-dining card?

Guest dining options are available to all university departments and student organizations. Groups and businesses not affiliated with Virginia Tech are also welcome to participate.

What's next?

For more information about requesting a guest dining card, available dining plan options, or current rates, please contact Conference and Guest Services at 540-231-5721. Please allow two weeks to process when arranging for convenient, award-winning dining options for your guests.

Virginia Tech Dining

Dining at Virginia Tech is anything but traditional. The award-winning food service in Dining Services specializes in preparing diverse menus in innovative, exciting venues.