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Sustainable Living Tips

An example of a green residence hall room

An example of a "green" residence hall room at Virginia Tech. Image provided by the Office of Sustainability internship program.

Part of being a Hokie means trying to reduce your impact on our local community and the planet.

Your environmental impact is determined by your everyday life choices, and Housing Services wants to help you live more sustainably! Below are some easy tips for going green while you are an on-campus resident.

  • SHINE BRIGHT: LED lightbulbs use 75% less energy and can last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lightbulbs*. Make the energy and finically smart choice, and choose LEDs for your lamps.
  • EAT GREEN: Dining Services’ Reusable To-Go Program makes it easy to be sustainable when you take your food to go. Just ask for a “green” container when you get your food, and make sure to bring your container back so that future Hokies can use it, too.
  • DRINK SMART: Reusable water bottles can be used thousands of times, while plastic bottles are usually only used once. Ditch single use plastics and fill up with a reusable bottle!
  • BYOB: Don’t waste a plastic bag when you’re in a dining center or visiting the grocery store. Bring your own bag!
  • GO ORGANIC: Organic sheets mean fewer pesticides and chemicals were used to make your bedding. Another sustainable option to consider? Bamboo.
  • RECYCLE RIGHT: Virginia Tech uses single stream recycling, which means papers, plastics, and cans can be comingled. Not sure where something goes? When in doubt, throw it out! If your room is missing a blue recycling bin please submit a work order to request a replacement.
  • AIR IT OUT: A drying rack will save energy and money, and will help keep your clothing looking its best. Washing on cold also helps to save energy and extend the life of your clothing.

The tips above aren’t the only way to live green! Using Energy Star appliances, taking shorter showers, and unplugging electronics when you’re not in your room are all easy ways to cut down on your environmental impact. Together, we can make Virginia Tech a greener place to live and work.

This page was developed in partnership with Office of Sustainability interns.