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Break Housing / Low Occupancy Considerations

As this is a low-occupancy period, services will be limited. Housing and Residence Life on-call student staff and administrators will be available to respond to situations; however, the staffing level in the buildings will be significantly reduced.

  • Residents are expected to alert Virginia Tech Police and Housing and Residence Life personnel regarding any concerns they notice. Students should add the Virginia Tech Police non-emergency number (540) 382-4343 to their cell phone directory.


Lock-outs: Residents will need to contact the on-call staff who may take some time to respond. All calls will be handled as quickly as possible. If you are not able to reach the on-call staff, please contact the VTPD non-emergency number.

During break sessions, there may be limited dining availability. Please see the Dining Center Operation Hours for the most current schedule.

Residential mail services may have limited hours during the low occupancy period. Please see the Residential Mail Services website for their current hours of operation.

Residents are expected to maintain an emergency kit in the event of a weather-related event. This would include food for several meals in case travel is difficult.

During the breaks, the University may interrupt electrical power and water supplies to affect repairs or system updates during a low-occupancy period. To the extent possible, Housing and Residence Life will advocate for limited interruptions to residential buildings and notify students when possible of an impending interruption.

Hot water supply may be delayed due to the building's pipes being sized for higher occupancy.  This means you may need to wait for a longer period until hot water is present in the way it is during higher occupancy periods.

All University and Housing and Residence Life rules and policies are in effect during the break period.

Anyone found living in the residence halls during break that is not approved for break housing will be treated as a trespasser. They can be asked to leave immediately and will be escorted by police, if necessary.

  • During this low occupancy period, guests within the residence halls are not permitted. During this period, guests include anyone who has not been approved by Housing and Residence Life to be in the residence halls.