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Ambler Johnston (East)

East Ambler Johnston

A modern, coed, traditional-style residence hall.

The Honors Residential Commons at East Ambler Johnston logo

East Ambler Johnston is home to the Honors Residential Commons, which strives to engage a diverse community of students pursuing development of themselves, relationships with others, and the projection of their passions into the greater community with unwavering curiosity and a commitment to lifelong service. Students benefit from the brilliant Dr. Pablo Tarazaga as a live-in faculty member, who resides in the faculty apartment.

Common seating outside of the East Ambler Johnston entrance

Designed for Community

East Ambler Johnston was designed to foster co-curricular learning and community engagement, and to provide spaces where residents can engage with peers and faculty members.

East Ambler Johnston's entrance

Renovated in 2012

Renovations to East Ambler Johnston were completed in 2012, adding air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and energy-efficient fixtures. The renovation won three design awards and has been LEED Gold certified.

The sign for East Ambler Johnston

Built with Modern Spaces

East Ambler Johnston features a movie theater, fitness studio, library, and commons area, as well as crossover lounges that connect East and West Ambler Johnston together.

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East Ambler Johnston's exterior next to the blue sky


East Ambler Johnston uses the Ambler Johnston Area Office.
Located at A12 West Ambler Johnston

Visit your area office to take advantage of a wide range of services, including assistance with room lockouts and residential space reservations.

East Ambler Johnston has laundry machines located on the second floor.

Use Laundry Web to reserve a washer or dryer, tell you how many machines are in use, or even send you a text when your laundry is done! All machines accept coins or Hokie Passport debit.

East Ambler Johnston Hall is located in the heart of the residential side of campus, with close proximity to the Dietrick and West End Dining Halls, Washington Street, and Lane Stadium and Cassell Coliseum.

Visit the full Virginia Tech campus map to locate East Ambler Johnston Hall within the larger campus. West AJ is building #33 located on the dividing line between quadrants M-7 and M-8.

Visit Residential Mail Services for more information on mail distribution, address format, package pick-up, and updating your address.

Rooms are approximately 12' x 15' and include the following furniture:

  • twin beds
  • twin XL mattresses
  • desks
  • chairs
  • dressers
  • closets
  • a sink
  • a mirror

To get a closer look inside some of our different room styles, check out our 360º room photos.

East Ambler Johnston is open for visitation 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

East Ambler Johnston Hall in VT News:


First-year students:
All incoming first-year students are required to live in on-campus housing for their first year; however, students are not guaranteed their choice of housing, and must complete their housing/dining contract to be assigned a space. Assignments for incoming first-year students and transfers are made in contract receipt order, so the earlier your contract arrives, the earlier you are assigned in the process.

The only students that are guaranteed housing in East Ambler Johnston are those who have applied and been accepted to the Honors Residential Commons. To complete your Housing/Dining Contract and apply to Living-Learning Programs (such as the HRC), log into the StarRez Portal. For more detailed information about first-year housing, please visit this page.

Returning students:
Unlike incoming freshmen, on-campus housing is not guaranteed to returning or transfer students. Returning undergraduate students must request housing for the next academic year using the housing application process (HAP), more commonly known as the "housing lottery."

The only students that are guaranteed housing in East Ambler Johnston are those who have applied and been accepted to the Honors Residential Commons. To complete the HAP and apply to Living-Learning Programs (such as the HRC), log into the StarRez Portal. For more detailed information about returning undergraduate housing, please visit this page.

Please visit this page and use the navigation bar at the top to explore all of our on-campus housing information.

East Ambler Johnston is home to roughly 300 students that span a wide variety of academic majors and graduating classes.

If you'd like to hear from a student about their experience in East Ambler Johnston, check out this recent article on Erin Kocis, a resident of the Honors Residential Commons!

East Ambler Johnston Hall has the following amenities:

East Ambler Johnston Hall is closest to Dietrick and West End.

You can download a map of Virginia Tech's dining centers and learn more about our different dining halls on this page.

Students can submit work orders through our work order system.

Please visit this page to learn more about our maintenance and housekeeping procedures.

There are several fitness options available for students in East Ambler Johnston Hall:

  • East Ambler Johnston features a fitness studio, available to students in the Residential College at West Ambler Johnston or the Honors Residential Commons in East Ambler Johnston.
  • VT Rec Sports offers a variety of fitness opportunities, including two gyms, group exercise classes, personal training, small group training, intramural sports, and more.
  • East Ambler Johnston Hall is also located very close to the Washington Street tennis courts that are open for play at any time for students, faculty, and staff.

We invite you to explore the VT Rec Sports website for comprehensive information on student fitness and wellbeing.

Still have questions? Get in touch with us at or 540-231-6205.