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Room Assignments/Changes

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Residents are assigned according to the preferences they indicate on their housing/dining contract and the space available at the time of their assignment. Returning undergraduates are assigned according to the priority established during the housing application process. Incoming freshmen, transfers, and graduate students are assigned in contract receipt order after returning students are assigned. In order for the assignment program to consider your roommate preference, the requests have to be mutual (both you and your preferred roommate need to correctly identify one another in a timely manner).

Occasionally two students want to "swap" room assignments. If we hear from the two students approving such an assignments change, we will attempt the move. We must hear directly from the students involved in the swap - we will not move someone out of a space because you "think they won't mind." Students sending e-mails from their email address giving approval of such a switch must also include their student name and ID numbers as well as a notice as to what they are agreeing to do (including buildings and room numbers).

Assignments may be changed at the discretion of the housing office. While we attempt to minimize such changes, each year a small number of changes must be made in response to occupancy concerns.

Room Change Information

The Room Change Process can be engaged by students through the StarRez Portal. Once in the portal, select Online Forms and follow the on-screen instructions for Room Change Requests.

If a room change is being considered due to a conflict with roommate/suitemates, it is the expectation that the residents have started with direct communication to attempt to resolve the concern. This resolution can be supported by the student leader or house supervisor who are trained in communication and conflict mediation. These student staff members are also supported by RWB professionals who may either support or directly address the situation. A room change should not be seen as the default solution to a conflict, but rather a step in the resolution when lower-level solutions have been considered.

If your room change is approved, follow the steps below:
  1. Complete the move within 72 hours.
  2. Check out of your old room by contacting any RA in your old residence hall. Ask the RA to complete your checkout inspection.
  3. Failure to complete the move and return these items by the deadline will result in improper checkout charges and possible mailbox lock change charges.
  4. Student Telecommunications (CNS), Residential Mail Services, and Hokie Passport Services Office will be notified of your change.
    1. Your mailing address will be updated in the University system. All mail addressed to your old University address will be forwarded. Please be sure to update your friends & family of your new mailing address.
    2. For students moving between residence halls: the Hokie Passport Office will provide you dual access to both residences for 72 hours to complete your move.
  5. Contact your new RA to complete your new room inspection.
  • Housing Services seeks to provide housing for as many students as possible, and to maintain a residence hall environment that is conducive to student development. To affect these goals, Housing Services reserves the right to assign persons to all vacant spaces, to make room changes, and to approve/refuse room changes.
  • Consistent with University policy, no room assignment will be made or changed on the basis of race, creed, color, or national origin.
  • Room change requests that involve specialized communities such as Living-Learning Programs, the Corps of Cadets, and Oak Lane Communities have additional requirements and may require the approval of program leadership beyond the submission of this form.
  • If a student has difficulty in making a change, the Housing and Residence Life staff may make an administrative reassignment to another space.
  • A room change is officially approved when students receives an approval email from Housing to their email address.
  • Moving students will receive access on their Hokie Passport at the time of approval, and will have access to the new and old room to complete their room change.
  • The actual moving involved in the room change must be completed within 72 hours after Housing Services has approved the change. If not completed within the 72 hours, the change approval may be rescinded and improper check-out charges applied.
  • The room change is complete when the Room Inspection for the room that you are moving out of is completed by a Resident Advisor .
  • Any student making a room change without approval from Housing Services may be subject to disciplinary action and/or may be reassigned to his original assignment.

Students who currently do not have a roommate may request to have their room converted to single occupancy for the remainder of the academic year. Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to approve or disapprove requests as necessary due to occupancy levels and/or occupancy management concerns.

Please note: we do not currently plan to offer a single room buy-out process for the 2022-23 academic year.

Information about the end-of-semester room change process will be posted later in the fall semester.