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Fall 2024

Students push a cart full of belongings during fall move-in. Photo by Christina Franusich for Virginia Tech.


Fall move-in will take place from August 20-22 for first-year and transfer students and August 23-25 for returning students! Returning cadets will move in between August 24-25. New cadets will receive move-in instructions from the office of the commandant.

Download this year's move-in map, or check out the interactive campus move-in map.

Find individual directions to your residence hall.

Please dispose of your trash and recycling in designated areas. Take a look at our Dumpster Map for permanent and temporary move-in locations!


Students will sign up for move-in time-slots in July. Students will receive an email informing them of when they can sign up for a time-slot in early July, and they will be able to make their selection in mid-late July. Time-slots are staggered to minimize traffic throughout campus. At the end of your time-slot, please move your vehicle to one of our long-term parking lots.


Hokie Passports will be mailed to you by Hokie Passport Services throughout the summer. Be sure to bring your Hokie Passport on move-in day!


We will have Hokie Helpers available to greet you, give access to moving carts and/or dollies, and answer your questions! Learn more about Hokie Helpers.


Set yourself up for success by bringing what you need to start the year off right!

Download our packing list.



Residential students who are members of the Corps of Cadets, Oak Lane Community, Residential Well-being Student Leaders, varsity athletic teams, Living-Learning Programs (LLPs), AdvantageVT, or GEO exchange students may be reassigned according to the needs of those programs.


A number of students are assigned to West Ambler Johnston, East Ambler Johnston, and O'Shaughnessy Hall who are not part of the Residential College program. If program space is not filled, the remaining space will be allocated to other students. You will be able to participate in the various activities and programs happening in that community as you wish.


All resident rooms, with the exception of single-occupancy rooms in the Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown, have university-provided, loftable furniture. Students will use a "loft kit" to raise their bed to the higher setting. Most rooms already have 2 loft kits in the room.

If an additional loft kit is needed, students should submit a work order to have the kit delivered. Loft kits are limited so turn in your request promptly.

Please Note:

  • In Slusher Wing, due to the room configuration with built‐in cabinetry, only one bed may be placed in the high/lofted configuration. This exclusion applies to rooms 201 through 231, 301 through 331, and 401 through 431. In the remainder of Slusher Wing and in Slusher Tower, both beds may be placed in the high/lofted configuration.
  • Bed configurations in the Corps of Cadets residential areas must follow the directions of the Corps regulations and staff.


More information about room changes can be found here.


No, residence hall rooms do not have landline telephones installed. With the ubiquity of cell phones, most students no longer expect traditional telephone service to be provided as part of their bundled amenity package.

However, emergency phones are installed on each residence hall floor! These phones are blue boxes located either close to an elevator or at a centralized location on each floor of the building and connect directly to the Virginia Tech Police Department. They operate by a simple, push-button interface and are similar to the emergency blue-light phones located around the campus. Live-in staff still have access to conventional telephone service.


No. Cable television service is not provided in residence halls. See the NI&S website for more information.


  • A handcart or dolly can be nice to bring.
  • Prepare yourself for a lot of walking and climbing stairs. Many 3- to 4-floor residence halls do not have elevators. Be prepared for summer weather!
  • Plan to send home or dispose of packing boxes, crates, or other moving supplies. Storage for such items is minimal. We do provide several cardboard recycling stations near the dumpsters around your residence hall.
  • Ask questions! Staff members will be available throughout campus.


Remember, you'll need your PIN number to open the door. First, tap/wave your card in front of the keypad (the top of the pad tends to be most effective). It will blink red-green red-green. Then, enter your PIN, and the door will unlock!


To access your housing assignment:

  • Visit the StarRez Portal and log in using your VT Username and password and 2-factor identification.
  • Select “Housing and Dining Contracts”
  • Select “Application Summary" tab.
  • You will see your housing assignment, and roommate information.


Housing and dining rates are published on our rates page. We reserve the right to update/fix any incorrect billing for the semester.


Standard rooms will have a single, wired Ethernet connection. If you are planning on connecting more than one wired device in the room, please consider an Ethernet hub as specified on the the residential network upgrade site.

Will all my devices work with the network? The university’s Wi-Fi network uses a type of security called WPA2 Enterprise. Check to see if your SmartTV, game console, etc. is compatible with WPA2 Enterprise. This is required to connect to the wireless network.

SmartTVs or game consoles that don’t support WPA2 Enterprise can still reach the Internet if they have a built-in Ethernet plug or you have an Ethernet adapter to connect to the wired Ethernet connection in your room. An Ethernet switch will allow you to plug multiple devices into the Ethernet connection in your room.

Can I wirelessly connect my printer? Your printer’s wireless connection is likely to cause interference with your and others’ use of residence hall Wi-Fi services. It’s best to use a USB cable to connect your printer.

Can I connect my own wireless router? No. Students are not permitted to connect personal wireless routers to the Virginia Tech network in buildings with Virginia Tech wireless service.

For additional information about registering your device using the MAC address to get your devices such as gaming consoles and other devices that cannot use the eduroam service (your phones, iPads, tablets & laptops should use the eduroam wireless network SSID for connectivity as a student) on the wireless network please visit the Network Infrastructure and Services / Communication Network Services website.


Once packages and mail arrive and are processed in your name, you’ll receive an email from Mail Services with the pick-up location for each item. These locations include the Owens mailroom and the student package lockers throughout the school year. The Graduate Life Center (GLC) Mailroom will be temporally opened during move-in to support the influx of packages during this time.

You are required to present your Hokie Passport ID card to claim packages. Mail Services will have two-wheel dollies available for larger items if needed, please bring a second ID to exchange for this service.

Please visit our website for more information, and access to our Campus Resident Portal for up-to-date tracking information. Direct all package and mail inquiries to and include your tracking information, we’ll need this to provide assistance.

If you decide to mail packages to yourself before move in, please time your packages to start arriving the week of August 12th to help with increased move-in freight volumes.


Set yourself up for success by bringing what you need to start the year off right! Download our packing list!


Where you park depends on which residence hall you are moving into. Either consult the move-in map, or click on the link to your residence hall for individualized instructions.

Make sure your parking permit is clearly displayed on your dashboard. Do not fold the permit or obscure the information in any way. This will help make sure you avoid parking tickets.

At the end of your timeslot, if you absolutely have to stay on campus, you must move your vehicle to the Long-Term Parking locations indicated on your parking permit.

Please note that you are not permitted to park in service or handicapped parking spaces, on grassy areas, or on the sidewalks.