Residential Mail Services is operated by Mail Services. There are four mail rooms on campus and a central package pick-up location.

Your Mailbox Location

Each student room has a corresponding mailbox which is accessed using your room/mail key. Roommates share a mailbox/address.

Residence Halls Mailbox Location
East/West Ambler Johnston, New Hall West, Cochrane, Harper, and Hillcrest East Ambler Johnston: first floor opposite the atrium staircase.
Barringer, Johnson, Miles, Newman, O'Shaughnessy, Vawter Newman Mailroom: basement floor of Newman Hall next to the area office. Enter the building through the bottom floor on the O'Shaughnessy side.
East Campbell, Main/West Eggleston, New Residence Hall East, Payne, Peddrew-Yates, Slusher Peddrew-Yates Mailroom: first floor lobby of Peddrew-Yates Hall. Enter the building through the lobby doors located on the New Residence Hall East side.
Lee and Pritchard Pritchard Mailroom: 2nd floor of Pritchard Hall on the Dietrick side. Enter building through the exterior door.
Campbell Main, Brodie, Rasche, Monteith, Thomas Halls, Oak Lane buildings (Special Purpose Housing) Each of these buildings has its own mailroom

Address Format

The correct address format for campus residential mail is:

Student’s Name
Residence Hall Room #
XXXX Street Name
Blacksburg, VA 24061-XXXX

To find the specific physical street address and the 9-digit zip code for your residence hall, visit the Mail Services website.

Formerly, the residence halls had a 24060 zip code.  This is changing as of December 2013 to the 24061+xxxx zip code.  This will better serve residents through enhancements made by the US Postal Services and our Residential Mail Services colleagues.  Automated systems and address databases are being updated to reflect the new zip codes and mail will continue to be delivered with the former 24060 zip code ,but it may be delayed when compared to using the new number.

Picking Up Packages

You must bring an ID card to pick up a package. Notifications that a package is ready for pick-up are sent to e-mail addresses only. If you receive an express or insured package, you will receive an e-mail from Mail Services.

You cannot pick up a package for another student.

The Owens Mailroom pick-up windows are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Updating your Address

When you leave campus at the end of the spring semester, change your mailing address online at Hokie SPAto ensure that you continue to receive your mail. Only first-class mail and packages will be forwarded (no newspapers or magazines). Notify magazine companies 4-5 weeks before the end of the school year with your new mailing address. If you will be living on campus for the summer, contact the Residential Mail office at 540- 231-4085 to request a hold on your mail.

General Information

  • You can buy stamps at Dietrick and the on-campus bookstore.
  • Mail Services handles only mail and packages from the United States Post Office. They do not handle mail from UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier.
  • Please empty your mailbox daily.
  • Please do not send or receive cash in the mail.
  • If you mail or receive something important, request a delivery confirmation or send it via express or insured mail.
  • Do not mail bulky items like keys, ink pens, jewelry, etc., in regular letter envelopes; padded envelopes work best for those items.
  • Due to new postal regulations, Residential Mail Services cannot weigh items and let you know the cost of postage. You will need to do such transactions at a local United States Post Office. There are two local service locations in Blacksburg: University City Boulevard (next to Kroger) and 118 North Main Street.
  • When something is mailed to you it must have both your first and last name (otherwise it will be returned).

For More Assistance

For more information, visit the Mail Services website, e-mail , or call 540- 231-4085.