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Donaldson Brown (GLC)

Donaldson Brown (the Graduate Life Center) framed by blue sky and with the title "Moving Into Donaldson Brown (the Graduate Life Center)"



Make sure you have the following with you:

  • The Fall 2021 Move-in Map. Our Hokie Helpers will also have a copy available at the closest Hokie Helper tent.
  • Your Hokie Passport. If you don't have your Hokie Passport, you will need to visit the Student Services building as soon as you arrive on campus to pick yours up.
  • Your PIN Number to access your room, emailed to you prior to move-in. If you're a returning student, as long as you haven't changed it, your PIN will be the same as it was during the previous semester.
  • Bottles of water are recommended for everyone coming to campus to help you move in.
  • Hand carts or dollies are nice to have. We have a limited supply available, so we recommend bringing any equipment that may help make your move in process easier!


Park in the first available Unloading Area: 9, 10, or 11.
9 is along Kent Street, 10 is the Squires Lot, and 11 is the Media Annex.

  • To reach Unloading Area 9, Kent Street, stay on U.S. 460 and turn onto VA-412 N/Prices Fork Rd towards Downtown. Follow Prices Fork Road. At the second traffic light, turn right onto West Campus Drive. Then, turn left onto Drillfield Dr. Continue on Drillfield Dr. and take a right onto Kent Street. You can park along Kent St. and unload.
  • To reach Unloading Area 10 and 11, the Squires Lot and the Media Annex, stay on U.S. 460 and turn onto VA-412 N/Prices Fork Rd towards Downtown. Follow Prices Fork Road. After passing through the third traffic light, take the first right off the traffic circle onto North Main Street. Take a right onto College Ave. and continue through the loop outside of the Squires Student Center to reach the Squires Lot and the Media Annex.
  • If you do not yet have your Hokie Passport, visit the Student Services Building. If you have your Hokie Passport already, proceed to unload your car.


Once your car is unloaded, you can head straight for your residence hall! You do not need to check in at a centralized location. When you swipe in to access your room, you'll automatically be checked into our system.

Remember, you'll need your PIN number to open the door, which was emailed to your email account prior to your move-in timeslot. First, swipe your card in front of the door, and it will blink red-green red-green. Then, enter your PIN number, and the door will unlock.

Return your moving cart to where you found it so it can be used by the next timeslot.


Keep an eye on the time, and be sure to move your car by the end of your timeslot!

If your non-student guests want to stay on campus, they must move their car to one of our Long-Term Parking Lots (marked by LT on our move-in map) at the end of the timeslot to allow space for other students to move in.


Here are a few things you should do after you move in:

  • Complete your Room Inspection and Roommate Agreement! Log into the StarRez Portal to fill these out.

  • Download the MobileID App! If you misplace your Hokie Passport, this app will allow you to open your room door with your phone. Click here for instructions for how to download and set up MobileID.


Visit our FAQs, or reach out to us at or 540-231-6205.