This page is dedicated to providing "What you need to know for your on-campus student" in the near future and is part of the Parents and Families Newsletter.  

February 2017

Housing Application Process (returning, undergraduate students)

Housing offers will be distributed on or about 1 February and will be due back on 14 February.  This year the demand for housing exceeds the supply for returning, undergraduate students.  Students will be notified of their housing offer status by e-mail no later then 2 February 2017 to their address.

If additional space is available after the initial round of offers is complete, we will notify students before spring break.  Those not offered housing in the first offer are placed on a list in order of their lottery draw for consideration of additional space.   

For students who are not offered housing, the Off-campus Housing Fair is a great opportunity to look at off-campus options in one combined location!    The fair will be held on Wednesday, 15 February, from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. in the Squires Commonwealth Ballroom.

Graduate and Transfer Student Wait List for Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Graduate and incoming transfer students who have accepted their admission to the university may place their name on the housing waiting list..

Dining Plan Adds for Off-campus Students

Off-campus students may still add dining plans for spring 2017.  Off-campus students wishing to access leftover (carryover) money on their fall dining plan must have a spring dining plan to receive that carryover amount.  Off-campus students may add a dining plan at any time during the semester as well, but the price/plan is not prorated, so for maximum use, students should sign up for a dining plan soon.

Adds are made through the new StarRez Portal,   Students log in with their pid/password and 2-factor identification and then choose Housing and Dining Contracts to make a change.