This page is dedicated to providing "What you need to know for your on-campus student" in the near future and is part of the Parents and Families Newsletter.  

March 2017

Graduate and Transfer Student Wait List for Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Graduate and incoming transfer students who have accepted their admission to the university may place their name on the housing waiting list..

Dining Plan Adds for Off-campus Students

Off-campus students may still add dining plans for spring 2017.  Off-campus students wishing to access leftover (carryover) money on their fall dining plan must have a spring dining plan to receive that carryover amount.  Off-campus students may add a dining plan at any time during the semester as well, but the price/plan is not prorated, so for maximum use, students should sign up for a dining plan soon.

Adds are made through the new StarRez Portal,   Students log in with their pid/password and 2-factor identification and then choose Housing and Dining Contracts to make a change.