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Pack and Ship Options

Relocation Benefits, LLC., a local Christiansburg VA company, has offered to provide the service of packing and shipping or storing of items for current campus residents.


If you are interested in this service, please log into the StarRez Portal.  Under the  COVID-19 Student Response Forms (front page link or under Online Forms), find the COVID19 - Campus Resident Packing, Storage, & Shipping Options form.


General Process Outline:


  • Once you complete the submission, HRL will share your request with Relocation Benefits, LLC. This will typically take one business day.
  • Relocation Benefits, LLC will contact you to discuss services requested and make arrangement for pick-up and storage or shipping.
  • Relocation Benefits, LLC will arrange access and escorts with HRL. Students (not parents/family members), must be directly connected via Facetime/Zoom or other services to identify belongings.
  • Relocation Benefits, LLC will store or ship items and bill students directly for the services provided.


Pricing breakdown for services:


Labor cost:

  • Scheduled pick up $ 69.00 per pick up
  • Non-Scheduled pick up $125.00 per pick up


Storage cost: $0.50 Per cubic foot per month with a minimum of $30.00 per pick up – billable in 15 day increments.


Packing cost: based on per box rates

  • 2.1.5/Book box - $8.75
  • 3.0/Medium box - $13.00
  • 4.5/Large box - $15.85
  • Dish Pack/5.0 - $49.40
  • Mattress Single/Futon - $16.00
  • Mirror pack - $19.75
  • Wardrobe Box - $19.25
  • TV Box - $65.00 up to 47” TV
  • TV Box - $95.00 for 48” TV to 65” TV

Shipments not being stored in our facility will have special pricing based on Fedex, USPS and UPS rates. Pricing will be determined on a case by case basis.



  • Delivery back out to a dorm on campus rate of $69.00 per stop. Off campus delivery rates vary.
  • Storage access to items in storage have a charge based on services needed.
  • Valuation rates are $0.60 per lb unless packed by the moving company. Additional valuation coverage can be purchased through the moving company. High value items valued with value greater than $100 per lb must be declared on high value form.
  • MCU equals mechanical condition unknown. Movers will not take responsibility for electrical devices/mechanical devices continued function when properly packed, moved, and storage by the moving company.
  • PBO equals Packed By Owner. Any boxed item that the movers did not pack with be designated as CU or Condition Unknown.


University COVID Response and FAQs at