Honors Residential Commons Houses

Over 800 students make up the Residential College at West Ambler Johnston. To help create smaller, more meaningful communities, the college is divided into four houses. Each house is led by an Associate Faculty Principal and has a live in Graduate Residential Fellow. Approximately 200 students live in each house.

When students apply to the Residential College, they may indicate a house preference on their application. If they don’t have a preference, or if space won’t allow their preference to be met, students are randomly divided among the four houses. Once a student is assigned to a house they will remain in that house for the duration of their time in the college. While students have the option to change rooms from year to year, this will always be within their house.

Students in the Residential College take great pride in their house community. In addition to the weekly traditions and events hosted in each house community, there is a residential college-wide competition. Events include academic, service, intramural/sports, and other fun ways to connect to housemates and compete with the other houses. See more on our traditions.

The four houses are Hawthorn, Hickory, Holly, and Honey Locust. Each house is named for a tree that grows in Virginia. We chose four trees that start with H in order to represent Virginia Tech's background as a land-grant institution and its ties to the 4-H Club and extension education.

In Hawthorn House we aim to foster a more accepting community that promotes cultural awareness and academic advancement. With this pursuit in mind, we strive to provide opportunities for peer learning and open discussion that encourage critical thinking. We are open-minded, curious, welcoming, and actively pursue our interests.

We are an active and ambitious community of students interested in expanding our academic experience beyond the classroom. We take it upon ourselves to be open and engaging to our fellow residents and accepting of their ideas. We believe that every student has the ability to create their own experience here through the multiple different avenues that the house provides to better one's self. We aim to be the most active house, and a community that residents want to be a part of. In essence, we strive to be your home away from home, and if you so choose, we would love to have you be a part of the family.

Holly House is a safe and inclusive environment where residents feel empowered to promote their passions and embrace the house motto, “Growing Together," through education, tradition, and commitment to service.

Honey Locust is an intentional community of unintentional happenings, leaving you with your most cherished friendships. Whether it is by illuminating conversations, or our sweet but prickly demeanor, this community will draw you in and empower you to greatness. Everything we do counts, but not for points. We are independent, genuine, and accepting. Honey Locust is home.