Residential College at West Ambler Johnston Hall

At Virginia Tech, education is more than just going to class; it’s about the experience. The time you spend with friends, classmates, and faculty will transform your college experience; all you need is the chance to make the connections.

The Residential College is in West Ambler Johnston – conveniently located next to West End, across from DXpress, across from Cassell Coliseum, and just at the end of the road from Lane Stadium (see map here). But we’re more than just a place. We offer something a bit different, something not for everyone, because it’s something special, something more interesting than you’ll find elsewhere on campus. The Residential College at West AJ is a unique community of 850+ students, from all years and all academic disciplines, all living together in a specialized, air-conditioned residence hall. We have a movie theater, great lounges, and classroom space right inside the building – and they’re all intended for both socializing and learning, spaces to enable mentorship and conversations about real, important things. Led by a Faculty Principal and his family (with their two cats) and supported by 24 other affiliated faculty and 4 graduate students, here you might encounter a faculty-led discussion about the politics of the NFL, a screening of the latest Dr. Who episode, a Halloween “Just Dance” party, and/ or just a lot of pizza. The Residential College allows you to be together, not the same

Mission Statement
The Residential College at West Ambler Johnston takes the medieval “vera universitas” as a model in being both a “true university” and (more literally) a “real community.” This vera universitas is a shared physical and intellectual space that generates its energy from the collaboration, both formal and informal, between teachers and students outside the classroom. Here, information becomes knowledge. Here, opinion becomes analysis. Here, belief becomes conclusion. Together, the diverse community of the Residential College at West Ambler Johnston open up the questions, discussion, and analysis they will take with them beyond Virginia Tech.