Graduate Fellow in Hickory House

L. Amani

Lorenzo Amani

Lorenzo is from Fayetteville, NC, he completed his undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech ('12) and his master's degree at Arizona State University ('14). He loves sports, traveling internationally, reading, and spending time with his family. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in Public Administration and Public Affairs at Virginia Tech with a focus of labor market policy. Also, he is a graduate assistant in the Budgeting and Financial Planning Office at Virginia Tech where he assists with budget development, monitoring, and reporting processes for the university. Lorenzo's email is

Graduate Fellow in the Hawthorn House

Katherine Ayers

Katherine 'Katie' Ayers

Katie is a 4th year PhD student in Sociology with a focus in Women's and Gender Studies. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, she has lived in Texas and North Dakota with the Air Force, and most recently considered North Carolina home. When not at Tech, Katie spend time in Rhode Island with my partner Kelly and Cooper the Golden Doodle. 

Katie's research interests include women's community, social movements and more generally just living with and talking to really interesting people to get their perspectives on life (aka ethnography and qualitative methods). If she gets her way, she will spend next summer traversing America on an epic road trip, collecting data for my dissertation on lesbian separatists and their homes. Katie's email is

Graduate Fellow in the Holly House

Kyriakos Tsoukalas

Kyriakos Tsoukalas

Kyriakos is a maker, blending a background in electronics and sound engineering, entrepreneurialism, and sociology.

As an international student from Greece, he pursues an individualized Ph.D. in VT, holding a GRA in human-centered design. He has a passion for hands-on workshops and experiential learning. His email is

Graduate Fellow in the Honey-Locust House

Abdelaziz 'Zizo' Alsharawy

Abdelaziz 'Zizo' Alsharawy

Zizo is the Graduate Residential Fellow for Honey Locust House. He is an international student from Egypt pursuing a PhD in economics. Zizo received his undergraduate degree in economics and finance from Saint Anselm College (New Hampshire, USA). His hobbies are soccer, traveling and reading news (if that can count as a hobby). His e-mail is