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The Residential Leadership Community (RLC) is an academic leadership studies and development program maintained through a collaborative effort of the Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Leadership Education Collaborative in the Division of Student Affairs. Admission to the program is offered to incoming Virginia Tech students. Accepted RLC students can remain in the program for subsequent years to expand on their exploration of leadership topics. All RLC students have the option to pursue a minor in Leadership and Social Change.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Residential Leadership Community at Virginia Tech is to enhance students' leadership and interpersonal skills, enabling them to become more effective leaders in any organizational structure.

Course Requirements

Students in the RLC are required to take two three-credit courses, one in the fall and one in the spring of their first year. These courses offer an introduction to the basic principles of leadership theory and application. Students who remain in the RLC beyond their first year also have the opportunity to take increasingly advanced courses on leadership topics.

LDRS 1015/1016 - Exploring Citizen Leadership
This two-semester interdisciplinary course offers an introduction to citizen leadership. 1015 explores traditional and contemporary leadership theory and competencies by comparing cultural contexts of leadership. 1016 introduces leadership praxis (action and reflection) as a method of research and service designed to continually refine leadership theory, competencies, and values.

The curriculum of the RLC teaches comprehensive historical and social leadership theories while developing communication, leadership, and group skills specific to individual students' majors and career goals. The community values inclusivity and works to create an environment that is informed and enriched by diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Located in Payne Hall, a co-ed residence hall, the RLC is open to individuals from all majors and provides an environment conducive for both individual and collaborative academic study. The small, close-knit community encourages responsibility, curiosity, and growth for all of its students through service learning and community-building activities. Students in the RLC play an active role in the governance and strategic direction of the community and students in the RLC have the opportunity to fulfill a variety of leadership roles to foster the continual growth of the community.

Contact Information

For questions about the Residential Leadership Community program, email rlcinfo@vt.edu. For questions related to housing assignments, contact Housing and Residence Life at housing@vt.edu. You can also visit the RLC’s webpage.

Residential Leadership Community