The Honors Residential Commons has a robust self–government. The formal leadership structures include the College Council (elected by popular vote of the HRC fellowship), Resident Advisors (selected through a rigorous hiring process), and Apartment Fellows (appointed based on group application and interviews).  All of these student leaders work together to steward the mission of the residential college.  In fact, every student, regardless of their age, year, or position, is a leader within the Honors Residential Commons.  There is no limit to what each student can do or contribute, and because of that every student is encouraged to make a difference in the community. 

Commons Council

Jordan Kuhn President
Mitch Wagner Vice President
Gargie Nagarkar Secretary
Marie Mack Treasurer
Melanie Trammell Historian
Jamie Wiggert Director of Communication
Sean Reiter Director of Academic Enrichment
Cynthia Guerin Director of Service Initiative
Sarah Atique Director of Programming




Lauren Cashman Senior Resident Advisor
Colby Weit Resident Advisor
Wolfe Glick Resident Advisor
Erin Kocis Resident Advisor
Joe Humm Resident Advisor
Joseph Mills Resident Advisor
Skyler Mueller Resident Advisor
Jess King Resident Advisor
Alexa Amster Resident Advisor
Jillian Miller Resident Advisor



Apartment Fellows 

4th Low Laura Copan
Alyssa Lentz
Tharshika Pirapakaran
Galen Vosseller
4th High Jim An
Jordan Kuhn
Alex Ochs
Sean Reiter
5th Low Austin Barrier
Harrison Fang
David Gwizdala
Brian Hsiung
5th High Ellie Green
Cynthia Guerin
Jess Malc
Jamie Wiggert
6th Low James McCray
Brady Reisch
Robert Schofield
Adam Zelenka
6th High Haley Gardner
Ally Moser
Larissa Perara
Kara Vaillancourt