The Honors Residential Commons (HRC) is a community in which each individual, faculty and student alike, have chosen to live together, to support one another, and to aid each other in the pursuit of their dreams. It is here where new friendships are made, new knowledge is gained, and we prepare one another to embrace the opportunities that life lays before us.

The Honors Residential Commons at Virginia Tech began as a partnership between Student Affairs and University Honors.  Rather than merely renovating Ambler Johnston Hall (AJ), they chose to change the model and create “a place where students live so they can learn.”  Thus, East AJ became the Honors Residential College, where students and faculty would live throughout the school year.  The HRC has become a presence on Tech’s campus and continues to gain attention for its combination of faculty and student life.  Check out these pages to learn more about those who are involved and provide leadership to the community: