Founded as the Biological and Life Sciences Community, Da Vinci is an interactive-learning environment designed to help students succeed in first-year science courses including general chemistry and principles of biology. 

Purpose and Benefits of Da Vinci:

  1. To enable students to be a part of a small, supportive and diverse community of peers with shared interests in the sciences.
  2. To enable students to build on one another’s academic strengths in order to succeed in their first-year experience.
  3. To expose students to opportunities in the science field and in their major.
  4. To better enable students to interact with faculty and professionals

For questions related to housing assignments, please contact Living Learning at For questions about the Da Vinci: The Biological and Life Sciences Community program, contact Lori Blanc, For more detailed information on the Da Vinci LLC, please visit the inVenTs website.

Comments from former Da Vinci students:

“From day one I have felt that I belong in Da Vinci and that everyone in the community wants to be here. The mentors genuinely want to help their mentees adjust to living independently in college. Without this support, my year would not have been nearly as smooth and joy filled as it has been. Being in Da Vinci surrounded by people taking the same classes, quizzes, and tests, has helped me immensely, because we learn the challenges and pitfalls of college together, and when one of us stumbles we have a 100 hands to help pick us back up.” – Jonathan B.

“Becoming a member of the Da Vinci community as an incoming student dramatically affected my freshman experience.  The Da Vinci community has given me the confidence to become more independent and to seek out all that is available within the university.  In Da Vinci, the framework for success is there and all I have to do is take advantage of the range of opportunities it offers.  I knew that I wanted to live in a serious academic environment, and Da Vinci has more than surpassed my expectations.  Not only has it provided academic support and enrichment, but it has given a wealth of social opportunities.  The day of my first exam, there was a note on my door from my mentor with words of encouragement.  This gesture provided a much-needed boost and showed me that someone was in my corner, rooting for me”. - Meg B.

Da Vinci requires students to be in one of the following majors:

Animal and Poultry Science Biochemistry (pre-med) Biological Sciences
Dairy Science Environmental Policy and Planning Environmental Science
Fish Conservation Food Science Forestry
General Biosciences Human Nutrition Foods and Exercise
Life Sciences Undecided Natural Resource Conservation Neuroscience
Microbiology Sustainable Biomaterials Wildlife Conservation
Students in College of Natural Resources and Environment

This community is part of a larger living learning program, called inVenTs, which includes two engineering communities and two science communities.

All participants live together in Lee Hall, forming a creative environment for group studying and social interaction. All Da Vinci first-year students must enroll in a one-credit hour First Year Experience course each semester that will focus on college success skills and life science careers. All students will participate in a weekly peer-mentoring program. Da Vinci first-year students will also enroll in common sections of a General Chemistry lecture and lab and Principles of Biology lecture.