Live, Learn, and Lead Globally

Located in Harper Hall, this global living-learning community is designed for students from all majors who are interested in international affairs, service, or development; foreign language; and preparing for a lifetime of intercultural leadership. In Mozaiko, you will:

  • Live in a foreign language house with students from all nationalities.
    Language houses available:
    • Arabic House
    • English House
    • French House
    • German House
    • Italian House
    • Japanese House
    • Mandarin House
    • Spanish House
    • Russian House
  • Participate in community-wide intercultural events and trainings
  • Connect with Virginia Tech faculty and visiting industry professionals and scholars

Living in Mozaiko is a minimum one-year requirement, but special circumstances will be considered (things like study abroad, co-ops, etc.). In addition to living in a foreign language house, students can specialize in an International Business and Social Innovation Track. Within this track, students pursue either the International Business minor or the minor in Global Business Practices. More detailed information on this requirement will be available soon.

Mozaiko means mosaic in Esperanto, an artificial language devised in 1887 as a common international language.   

  • Live in a foreign language house and practice a foreign language
  • Participate in  community events

Living in Mozaiko is a minimum one-year commitment, but special circumstances will be considered (things like study abroad, co-ops, etc.).

Practicing a foreign langugage is an important part of being in Mozaiko, but you do not need to already know a foreign language to apply. 

Mozaiko is a suite-style residential hall. Suites consist of four to six students (in double rooms) sharing a common living area and bathroom. 

We are no longer accepting applications. Upper division student recruitment will begin in fall 2017. Please check back later.

Mozaiko will help you understand how your global footprint can have profound impact near and far from Virginia Tech, all while living in Blacksburg.

This new community will open in the fall of 2017. Applications for incoming first-year or transfer students are completed during the housing contract process. If you are interested in joining Mozaiko, please contact living learning communities or Program Director Lia Kelinsky with any questions!