Hokie Helpers and Move-In Support

We don't expect you to move in on your own! Here is a short list of people who will be available during move-in and a description of what they will assist you with.

Resident advisors (R.A.s) are student leaders and employees who live on each floor in the residence halls. They will be available at check-in tables and throughout the buildings during move-in to answer questions you may have.

Hokie Helpers is a group of University and community volunteers who help students and their parents move into residence hall rooms during check-in. These volunteers work to help make the move-in process a more pleasant experience for as many new and returning students as possible. They can help you unload vehicles, watch over belongings while you park your car, and carry items with you to your room.

Our goal is to help you spend less time moving so you can spend more time exploring campus, settling in, and saying goodbye.

Computer support teams will be on-call during move-in to help you configure your devices to the Virginia Tech network and connect them to the internet. To view information about getting connected, visit the 4Help website.

Once connected, you can visit the Virginia Tech IT Security Office website for information about securing your technology.