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Seven Things You Need To Do Before Arriving On Campus

A view of the Drillfield on a sunny day.

1. Create your VT Username and password through the OneCampus. Your VT Username and password will be the key to managing just about every aspect of your college life, from registering for classes, to accessing the on-campus wireless network. Set it up early and make sure you write it down.

2. Get in touch with your roommate(s). Not only is it useful to know what sort of person you're living with, you'll also want to coordinate with one another about who's bringing what so you don't waste money and space. You'll specifically want to talk about things you'll only need one of, like microwaves, mini-fridges, and televisions. Information about how to get in touch with your roommate will be posted on Hokie SPA at the end of July, along with all your housing information.

3. Make sure you stock up on the following: quarters (for laundry, although the machines take Hokie Passport and other cards too), ear plugs (in case your roommate wants to watch Netflix during your nap time), and duct tape (for whatever).

4. Memorize your important numbers. You'll especially want to know your Student ID number (on your Hokie Passport), your VT Username and password, your Social Security number, and any PIN numbers you may need for banking. Unfortunately, writing it on your hand doesn't count as memorizing.

5. Verify your health coverage. We know it doesn't sound that interesting, but without health insurance, you could end up overpaying by thousands of dollars for basic injuries or health problems. If you don't have a health insurance plan, Virginia Tech strongly recommends signing up with a reputable insurance agency before the school year begins. Likewise, the Virginia Tech Office of Risk Management offers health coverage for students.

6. Learn how to do laundry. Remember, you'll be watching after yourself now and you don't want to spend the whole year washing your clothes in fabric softener (although they would be really soft). Take an hour one weekend and find out how the magic happens.

7. Spend quality time with your family and high school friends. Even though the transition to college can be busy and stressful, it is still summertime. Don't forget to put some vacation in there and spend time with the people who matter.