This listing shows all on-campus rooms for civilian students who are not in the Oak Lane (fraternity/sorority) area to assist in selecting rooms within the StarRez portal.  Please note, this document is subject to change to best allocate space and meet space demands.   General information and photos of the buildings are listed at  Room Rates can be found at

[Fall 2017 Residence Hall Room Configuration file. .pdf format]

Information about the Room Chart:

Suite/Room Description, Room, and BedSpace Designations

Rooms that share a common semi-private bathroom and an optional common living space are called suites and have bedrooms contained within them.  If a room isn't part of a suite the Suite/Room Description and Room designations will be the same.   In each room, the beds are given a numbered slot; however, there is nothing different about bed 1 and bed 2. 

  • Example:  Harper Hall has a suite number HARP-1070 and within that suite there are 3 bedrooms, HARP-1071, HARP-1072, and HARP-1073.   Each of the 3 bedrooms has 2 beds in each room  (HARP-1071-1 and HARP-1071-2 are the two beds within bedroom HARP-1071).
  • Example:  Ambler Johnston East, room 2203 is a private-bathroom style room that has two beds  (AJ E-2203-1 and AJ E-2203-2).  The suite/room description and the room description are the same.


This is the designated gender of the space.  Gender distribution within the buildings is highly dependent on the location of the bathrooms.   Several buildings have gender-neutral, single-stall bathrooms, but that doens't affect the room distribution.

Room Type

Type Description  
Traditonal Multiple
Traditional residence hall room with shared bathroom on the hallway.  This is the most prevalent type of room within the residence hall system.  Rooms will typically have 2 residents; however, some rooms may have 3 depending on the building configuration.
Traditional Multiple 3 Same as Traditional Multiple but set as a 3-person room  
Traditional Multiple 4 Same as Traditional Multiple but set as a 4-person room  
Suite Multiple Rooms that share a semi-private bath.  Rooms are typicaly  double-occupancy spaces. In buildings other than Payne Hall, most of these rooms have a common living space (lounge) in addition to the shared bathroom.   In Payne Hall, these rooms are two rooms that share a bathroom between the rooms with no common area.  
Suite Multiple Lrg In Payne Hall, these are the rooms that have the common area in addition to the semi-private shared bathroom.  
Suite Single A rare single-occupancy room within the suite layout.  
Private Bath Multiple A room, usually double occupancy, that has an internal private bathroom.  
Private Bath Multiple 3 A room with 3-person occupancy, that has an internal private bathroom.
Private Bath Single
A room with an internal private bathroom, these are mostly within the graduate housing area.  
Efficiency Suite Multiple
A special type of suite in Ambler Johnston Hall that has 2 double-occupancy bedrooms that share a semi-private bathroom within the suite and a small efficiency kitchen/lounge area.  
RA Room A room reserved for staff which may include overflow housing for a temporary resident during times of over occupancy.  


Mandatory Profile

If you have been accepted to a living-learning community, you will have a mandatory profile that will limit the rooms you can choose from (and will reserve those spaces within the program only for those in the program).   If you are not part of one of these programs, you are likely in the General Assignment profile group and may select from the larger number of rooms.  When you are notified of your timeslot, you also are notifed of the profile accompanying your status.  In the .pdf above, most .pdf viewers will allow you to search by selecting Cntrl-F so you can search for your mandatory profile if you are not sure of the building(s) involved.

Substance-Free Community

The 3rd floor of Newman Hall is designated as a substance-free community for all residents of that floor.


Most residence halls are not air conditioned; however, if they are, their designation is shown in this column.  2-pipe systems are either in heating or cooling mode and cannot be changed over quickly.   Depending on the weather forecast, the facilities department will choose a date to swiich from cooling to heating mode.   in the 4-pipe buildings, there are two separate supplies so changing from heating to cooling and back can be accomplished more readily.  Note; however, that the operation of these systems depend on the outside temperature as well.  You can't request air-conditioning in the 4-pipe system when it's 20 degrees outside (to protect the system from freezing up).

Visitation Option Decriptions are listed at

 Open During Academic Breaks

The majority of students living on campus are required to vacate their rooms during the academic breaks. With the exception of the 10-month contract facilities, the residence halls are closed and secured during Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks. Consult the important dates section for closing and re-opening dates. Consult for more information.


Single-sex buildings have all residents of the same gender (limited number of buildings).  Co-ed buildings have areas of differing genders within the building - this includes by floor, by wing, by area/bathroom, by suite, or by room.