Luke Williams

Marketing and Communications Manager

Luke serves as the Marketing and Communications Manager for Housing and Residence Life. In this role, he provides leadership and oversight for all marketing and communications, including social media and website management, data analysis and visualization, photography and videography, graphic design, and a range of other strategic-level marketing and communications efforts. He holds a bachelor of arts in music education and technology from Virginia Tech.

Outside of work, Luke enjoys playing the piano and recording music in his home studio, listening to podcasts and reading books, and endlessly re-organizing his spaces.

Luke's favorite aspiration for student learning is Self-Understanding and Integrity. He believes it's vital to honestly examine one's own motives and biases before one can act with true justice, kindness, and compassion. One of his favorite quotes comes from Richard Rohr: "Contemplation is a long, loving look at what really is... if we learn to handle our own souls tenderly and lovingly, then we'll be able to carry this same loving wisdom into the world outside."

Input - Restorative - Intellection - Strategic - Responsibility