Aliana Harrison

Newman Area, Assistant Director

Aliana serves as an Assistant Director for Residence Life. She currently oversees departmental student leadership and engagement, inclusion, and assessment initiatives. She also advises the Residence Hall Federation and the National Residence Hall Honorary chapter. She received a B.A. in History from Elon University and attended North Carolina State University where she received an M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration. Prior to arriving at Virginia Tech, she served as a Community Director for the Department of Housing and Residence Life at the University at North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

When asked why she loves this work and what her favorite Aspiration is, she replied, “I really find connection with the Self-Understanding and Integrity Aspiration. I believe that we are always evolving and taking time to reflect, to ask ourselves who am I, what do I value, and how does that guide my actions. This is something that all lifelong learners need to constantly make time for. I believe that at our core we are able to work alongside our students to model this behavior and guide them to become critical thinkers to solve real world problems in a diverse environment.”

In her spare time, Aliana enjoys trying new things, reading, and attending plays and performances.

Achiever – Discipline – Context – Futuristic – Relator

Aliana Harrison