Liz Aker

The Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia RLC

Liz serves as Residential Learning Coordinator for The Gallery in Old Town Alexandria where she works directly with several different academic programs. She received her undergraduate degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with a B.S. in Psychology. In Fall of 2018 she intends to begin a graduate program to further her psychology education.

Prior to moving to Old Town Alexandria to live and work in The Gallery, Liz worked as a Senior Supervisor at the on-campus general store in Blacksburg while attending Virginia Tech. During her breaks, she spent her time working with children with Down syndrome, a pursuit she started at the age of 12. Her passion for building meaningful relationships that inspire, teach, and encourage her residents is why she continues in this field.

In her spare time, Liz enjoys coaching, exercising, cooking, and reading, as well as seeing family as often as possible. 

Liz’s favorite aspiration is Courageous Leadership. While leaders and leadership comes in all different styles and domains, the ability and desire to stray from the status quo is one of the greatest challenges a leader can face. To simplify, daring to be different is hard task to stick out until the end, but Liz has never shied away from a cause or team that approaches life a little differently.

Includer – Relator – Developer – Adaptability – Harmony 

Liz Aker