Diwana A. Chapman

Newman Area, Area Office Manager

Diwana, or "D" as she is known, is Office Manager for the Newman area: Barringer, GLC at Donaldson Brown, Johnson, Lee, Miles, Newman, Oak Lane, O’Shaughnessy, and Vawter. In addition, she provides budgetary support to the Residence Hall Federation (RHF) and the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH).

She received a bachelor of arts in French from Edinboro University and she did graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Formerly a training and call-center operations supervisor for Dish, Diwana specialized in customer support training. Diwana enjoys interacting and supporting students and the professional staff as we enhance on-campus residential life. Diwana's hobbies include hiking, wine tastings, taking walks with her dog Wesley, traveling, foreign films, and poetry. 

Diwana's favorite Aspiration is Civility because it is the keystone that connects and holds all the other Aspirations together. 

Analytical – Deliberative – Relator – Responsibility – Restorative 

Diwana Chapman