Dr. Eleanor Finger

Director of Housing and Residence Life

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Associate Director for Residence Life, Academic Initiatives


Kenneth Belcher

Senior Associate Director for Housing Services

Curtis Dugar

Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life

David Chinn

Associate Director for Facilities

Residence Life Staff

Peddrew-Yates Area Staff

Kendall Pete, Assistant Director

Cyndie Ellis, Area Office Manager

Alece Alderson, Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Senior RLC

Erin Coiley, Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets ARLC

Hillary Kovacs, Peddrew-Yates Hall and Payne Hall RLC

Matthew Cheatham, Peddrew-Yates Hall and Payne Hall ARLC

Joseph Welsh, Eggleston Hall (Main and West) RLC

Brian Armstrong, Campbell Hall RLC

Jon McIlvaine, Pritchard Hall RLC

Melissa McLevain, Pritchard Hall RLC


Newman Area Staff

Aliana Harrison, Assistant Director

Diwana Chapman, Area Office Manager

Jade Carcamo, Vawter Hall/NewmanHall ARLC

Sam Harbison, Graduate Life Center/Vawter Hall /Newman Hall/Barringer Hall/Miles Hall RLC

Stephen Tang-Nian, O'Shaughnessy Hall ARLC

Nick Martin, Barringer Hall/Miles Hall ARLC

Taylor Henkel, Lee Hall RLC

Linzy Martinelli, LeeHall/Johnson Hall/O'Shaughnessy Hall RLC

Traci Wiess, Johnson Hall ARLC

Stephen Henninger, Oak Lane RLC

Megan Lorincz, Oak Lane FSL GA

Elizabeth "Liz"  Aker, The Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia

Ambler Johnston Area Staff

Maryne Taute, Assistant Director

Maggie Holmes, Area Office Manager

Andy Foiles, Residential College at West Ambler Johnston SLC

Rudi Motshubi, Residential College at West Ambler Johnston ASLC

Amanda Eagan, Honors Residential Commons SLC

Scott Steehler, Slusher Hall RLC

Kelly Brower, Slusher Hall ARLC

Lavon Davis, Hillcrest Hall/Cochrane HallRLC

Andrew Price, Harper Hall/New Hall West RLC

Leah Ward, Steger Center in Riva San Vitale SLC

Academic Initiatives and Living-Learning Communities Staff

Jason Johnson, Assistant Director for Living-Learning Programs

Alisha Royal, graduate assistant for Living-Learning Programs

Housing Administration Staff

Katie Karpa, Assistant Director

Cody Ward, Assistant Director

Martha Pinard, Assignments Coordinator

Wes Michael, Assignments Coordinator

Betty Buskirk, Assistant Business Manager - Housing/Dining

Teresa Darvalics, Assistant Manager Conferences and Guest Services

Jean Smoot, Project Coordinator

Diana Blair, Administrative Accounting Associate

Lindsey Scheppard, Administrative Assistant

Housekeeping and Furnishings Staff

Sarah Davis, Administrative Assistant

Don Ramsey, Housekeeping Manager

Teresa Wilson, Housekeeping Manager

Vacant, Equipment and Furniture Repair Technician

Kimberly Stoots, Assistant Housekeeping Manager

Housing Facilities Maintenance and Project Management Staff

Todd Pignataro, Assistant Director of Facilities Maintenance

Keith Fleming, Maintance Operations Manager

Vacant, Dining Maintenance Manager

William Barnett, Housing Maintenance Manager

David Rettig, Safety Compliance Officer

Ted Newman, Access Manager

Jeff Zoller, Assistant Director of Project Management

Mason Montgomery, Renovations Project Manager

Jonathon Poff, Accounting Associate

Beverly Handy, Inventory Control Supervisor

Rebecca Nieman, Inventory Control Clerk Senior

William Gardner, Inventory Control Clerk Senior

Michelle Howell, Administrative Assistant

Allen Graham, Trades/Utilities Master

Reggie Black, Commercial Food Service Equipment Master Technician

Ricky Overstreet, Commercial Food Service Equipment Master Technician

Dennis Windsor, Commercial Food Service Equipment Master Technician

Anthony Howard, Commercial Food Service Equipment Master Technician

Dennis Stevers, HVAC Technician

Keith Miller, Painter Lead

Raymond Sadler, Trades/Utilities Maintenance 

Timothy Whitlock, Maintenance Supervisor - Housing

John Roe, Plumber

Brian Smith, Trades/Utilities Master Mechanic

William Shimkus, Trades/Utilities Master Mechanic

Billy Bramlett, Electrician

James Hedrick, Exterior Building Repair Specialist

Bryan Marszalek, Trades/Utilities Maintenance

Ryan Schaible, Floor Covering Specialist

Mark Prescott, Maintenance Supervisor, Housing

Robert Chrisley, Plumber

Beverly Blankenship, Plumber

Greg Lawson, Trades/Utilities Master Mechanic

Bradley Quesenberry, Trades/Utilities Master Mechanic

Keith Hedrick, Lead Painter

Doug Fylpa, Painter

Darrin Criner, Furnishings Manager

Anthony Linkous, Trades/Utilities Maintenance

Daniel Meadows, Trades/Utilities Maintenance

Robert Dowdy, Trades/Utilities Maintenance

Mario Cerritos, Trades/Utilities Maintenance

Gary Howell, Electronic Technician

Gary Leedy, Fire Protection Technician

Diana Williams, Locksmith

Allen McCoy, Locksmith